At Big Fish, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality and unmatched items.

Our clients have discerning taste and high standards. Our items are often custom made and will always be delivered in immaculate condition.




There is something immensely satisfying about designing something beautiful. Not just beautiful but exquisitely functional. While never foregoing the quality of materials.

From growing up building airplane kits, to becoming a makeup artist, to having a luxury floral studio, to designing award-winning weddings, my common denominator has always been a life-long quest for creating a sense of natural beauty and refined elegance. About balance, proportion, and purposeful design.

Encouraged by a trail-blazing client, I invested in both my vision for luxury rentals and, by default, Bermuda.

After much research, the choice in sailcloth tents was obvious. We are thrilled to offer an incredible variety of Sperry Tents whose dedication to exceptional craftmanship sets them apart.

Many of the items we offer are bespoke and often unique to Big Fish: Whether working with local carpenters or scouring the world for just the right item, we surround ourselves by small businesses who are just as passionate about the exemplary service they offer and create.

It’s our absolute mission to be the rental company that wedding planners and venues enjoy working with. To be the obvious choice. To offer an unparalleled level of service, noteworthy responsiveness, always up for a design challenge, and unquestionable quality only found at Big Fish. 

Our commitment to excellence is not just a mission – it’s a reflection of the trust you place in us. And that’s not lip service. We’re dedicated to making your planning experience seamless and enjoyable. Welcome!

– Kelly Wearstler 

"The beauty of design is its ability to transform a space into something truly extraordinary."

Dress up your event with

Our favorites

Bamboo Chairs

So Bermuda!

Round Bar

Custom made and the first on the Island.

Sperry Tents & Arches

Accented with custom made extra long ivory drapes for that luxury touch!

Rattan Lanterns

Can you ever have enough?!

La Jolla Chargers

My favourite for an elevated but approachable look

Teak Lounge Sets

Complete the vibe with accent cushions

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