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Maximize Elegance, Manage Expenses: Top Five Financial Tips for An Outdoor Wedding

April 1, 2024


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Planning a wedding can be as thrilling as it is complex, especially when it comes to managing your design and rental budget.

Here are five essential factors to consider that will help ensure your special day is both budget appropriate and beautiful.


Prioritize your “must haves”.

Begin by listing the items you both consider non-negotiable. This might be seating, an extra big dance floor, or floor length linens. Allocate an appropriate value of your rental budget to these items first – not only will they will form the foundation of your wedding’s aesthetic, they’ll also be the items that you’ll remember most.



The location of your wedding can significantly impact rental costs and delivery fees.

Let’s take a beach wedding:

    • For all deliveries, it involves lots of schlepping
    • everything, and I mean everything, has to be brought to the location such as a generator for lighting and Portaloos (some of which require running water).

As you can see, the costs would be very different from a location that’s easily accessible.




Guest comfort and experience.

Over the past two decades, we’re seeing brides prioritizing guest experience. What are the things that drive you nuts when you go to a wedding? The easiest way to do that- Design with your guests in mind.



Quality over quantity.

Although this is the last on this least, it’s what drives our design and rental process. It’s tempting to cut out costs by choosing lower quality rentals, but not at the expense of impacting the overall guest experience. Investing in high quality essentials will stand out such as glassware, linens and furniture. These details can elevate the entire event.



Hidden Costs to watch out for: Set up and break down fees.

  • Events that must be broken down after midnight will incur higher delivery and labour fees.
  • If your event gets extended past the pre-arranged finish time, you’ll have crews (and trucks) charging you extra as you’ve effectively gone into overtime that you may not have budgeted for.




Instead of juggling balls with your budget, take a moment to think through what are the most important things to you – and spend accordingly.


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